Introducing IPMS

The most advanced end-to-end property management software solution build specifically for the managing agent.

Built by the industry for the industry
Introducing IPMS

The most advanced end-to-end property management software solution build specifically for the managing agent.

Built by the industry for the industry

47 420 Units
510 Communities

Complete Financial Solution
Task Management System
Compliance Planner & Checklist
Transfer & Tracking Reporting
Categorized Bulk Communication
Meeting Management
Community Rule Enforcement
Trustee & Owner Login
Monthly Business Plan Report
Online Payment Approval
Smart Management Dashboard
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The team at weconnectu understands what it takes to ensure successful adoption of a new software solution for your business. We ensure flawless execution on the key areas that guarantees the ultimate customer experience.


I would like to say thank you for a seamless take-on that we have experienced so far. The system is user friendly and has been easy to work around. When we have needed support you have been quick to assist.
- Tracy Glover, Ambercom
I have looked far and wide to simplify the management of my sectional title portfolio, and finally come across IPMS. Its by far the most comprehensive and product but in the same time so simple to use. Even the changes to the Act was already taken into account. Especially managing the reserve fund according to the new requirements has been made so easy. The reporting functionality is probably a highlight. For the first time, i can showcase my value (both financially and operationally) on a monthly basis with one click
- Willie Prins, NRG Sandton
WeConnectU has simplified the monthly processing of Body Corporate billing tremendously. The system is user-friendly and provides an overview to all owners of any matters concerning their complex which helps eliminate the many normal monthly queries to the managing agent. We can now concentrate on the more important management aspects!
- Janine Erasmus, Pure Living PM
Ever since Tiscali Property Management started to walk a path with WeConnectU our, or should I say my, life changed. The entire package as well as the friendly support makes a big difference to our Trustees and/or Annual General Meetings. All your financial as well as some administration information is available in one place. Once again thank you very much.
- Susan Swanepoel, Tiscali PM
The new software has been a pleasure. I appreciate the immediate and professional assistance I have received from your team. That has been a great help.I can see that the software is making my life easier and my business more professional.
- Teun Baartman, Leyden Properties
WeConnectU offers unique solutions for one of the most demanding careers in the property management industry

IPMS meets the needs of all managing agents

With the new legislation in place, it is becoming more and more challenging to run a profitable business, let alone trying to stay on top of your game with the ever-evolving requirements.

With weconnectu, we assist to always keep you compliant. Simply connect with us and we will keep you on the right side of the law. Let’s make business better.

It is quite easy to lose track of daily duties when trying to manage tasks, transactions and staff that are essential to the core business.

At weconnectu, we understand the importance to maintain competency and professionalism, and therefore offer a convenient management system, which allows you to efficiently administer all your responsibilities timeously and accurately

As with most businesses, manageability and efficiency promotes scalability. Creating specialist departments is a key aspect to enable scalability.

Our unique online system has been specially designed to allow various users to access the same dashboard at any given time; this promotes easy and effective teamwork as well as transparency amongst staff and employers. Connect your team with weconnectu

When you combine the trhee key factors: compliancy, manageability and scalability, turning your established or new business venture into a more profitable enterprise becomes more easily attainable.

Connecting with weconnectu provides a unique opportunity for you to unlock the true value of your business and to grow and develop it strategically and effectively. Let us help you grow the business you love.

Connect and fall in love with your business all over again
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