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Property Management, the silver lining
The key industry fundamentals that will shape Property Management.
There's a fork in the road
The market is shifting, are you positioned for the future?
How to get back in the driver seat
The tools and mindset required to enable greater efficiency in 2023.
Administrator or Rental Manager?
Where the property investment experience falls short and how to reposition yourself from an administrator to a rental asset manager.
Professionalising the Property Management Industry
Enhancing the efficiency and effectivity of the property manager.
The solutions, or the solution needed to succeed
Ever tried to build a puzzle with pieces from different boxes?
Simple steps to become more Cyber Smart
Best practice that will help you to recognise and counter threats to you digital safety and become less vulnerable to cyber attacks.
Communicating your real value
Johann van der Merwe, Managing Director of WeconnectU shares his expert insights on Rental Asset Management, understanding, delivering & communicating your real value
Your Real Value as Property Manager
Danie van der Merwe of WeconnectU showcases business best practices and how tech can assist Community Managers of Sectional Title Schemes & HOA’s to build compliant,
The Top 3 legal pressure points
Marina Constas is a trailblazer in the field of Community Schemes. As a practicing attorney and Director at BBM Attorneys, for the past 18 years Marina has assisted Trustees, Owners and Managing Agents in Bodies Corporate
Property Practitioners Act
Marlon Shevelew is the director of Marlon Shevelew and Associates Inc - Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers, a multi award winning law firm specialising in rental property, contractual, consumer and company law.
Reimagining Property Management
As trustee in both her professional and personal capacities, and member of various types of community schemes, Zerlinda van der Merwe lives and breathes all aspects.
Rock solid arrears processes
Founder of Stratafin, Willie Roos specialises in property law. He holds a BComm (UJ), BProc (UJ) and Advanced Diploma in Property Law & has practised as an Attorney and Conveyancer for 20 years, and in 2008 set up a.
Positioning yourself as an expert
Tobie van der Merwe is a Business Development Manager at WeconnectU. Before joining WeconnectU, Tobie spent many years specialising in the field of Marketing and.
Managing Maintenance Issues
Schalk van der Merwe has recently joined WeconnectU and is part of the management team. Before joining WeconnectU, Schalk gained international experience working in property management in the UK. He returned.

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