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Welcome to a showcase of satisfaction! We recently conducted a survey with our valued clients, and the feedback has been nothing short of extraordinary. Dive into the voices of those who have experienced our services firsthand and learn why they choose us. Discover the excellence that defines us through the words of our clients.

Simon Steenekamp
Lizette Joubert
Rawson Properties
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Alexander Swart Properties
23+ Years
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30+ Years
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KVZ Properties
19+ Years
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Property World
40+ Years
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Village Living Properties
25+ Years
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What our Customers have to say

Karien Coetzee
Great training. Friendly and efficient support team . User-friendly solution.
Teun Baartman
Leyden Properties
WeconnectU has made a major difference in my business and body corporate management. All the different tasks are under one roof and are so easy to do. The support is excellent. Couldn't live without WeconnectU any longer.
Ashley Liebenberg
WeconnectU is the most user friendly, better than most accounting software systems I have used over the past years. Their support system is amazing and all my queries are answered almost immediately.
Trevor Coleman
Coleman Properties
Excellent service, focus and ongoing innovation.
Annie Teixeira
Grose Property Group
This has been user friendly and made my accounting time with invoicing and arranging meetings very easy and time consuming.
Craig Coetzee
You have the best overall system for managing agents on the market.
Michelle Wasserfall
Since inception we have had better turn around times, I have been able to give better feedback to my clients, the transparency offered has opened up space to focus on improving services. All round a stunning product.
Shamendhri Moodley
Intrepid Property Management
The functionality of the program is excellent and it has taken into consideration the requirements across all the departments.
Larochelle Homan
ASI Property Management
WeconnectU is extremely user friendly with easy to read and explained financials.
Marelize van Rooyen
RedRabbit is the most comprehensive inspection and maintenance management tool around.
Wesley Shuttes
PropertyPro Rentals
I have recommended it in the past. It has solved a lot of stress when comes to disputes.
Megan van Wyk
Rawson Properties
RedRabbit is one of the best maintenance and inspections solutions out there. The automation of the processes improves productivity like no other. Customer service is fantastic, cannot recommend enough!
Elmari du Plessis
Eldu Properties
We are extremely happy with RedRabbit, makes inspections so much easier.
Shaianne Santhcoomar
Only Realty
RedRabbit is very efficient, easy to use and great way to keep track of managed properties. The support and assistance have always been great, I have used RedRabbit as an agent and administrator and enjoy the features.
Candice Campbell
Bellson Properties
The layout of RedRabbit and it's user friendliness makes working in this industry so much easier for maintenance and inspections.
Johan Geldenhuys
SSE Real Estate Specialists
RedRabbit is thoughtfully laid-out which ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience! It empowers my team to conduct thorough inspections and deliver detailed and professional reporting to our clients,
Rochelle Harrison
Knight Frank
My onboarding experience was easy and WeconnectU has made things much easier for me.
Madelein Booth
Seeff Properties
WeconnectU is really an incredible valuable tool to have in one's business.
Cathy Smit
Rawson Properties
Brilliant solution! Happy that we moved over when we did!
Tiaan Steenkamp
WeconnectU has been a great help this year, we got to establish our foundation. In the next year it would be greatly appreciated if you keep dropping some hot rental ideas, insights and ways to improve the business not only from a solution point of view but from a business angle. WeconnectU is on a very good trajectory, and it is assisting the industry more than we know.
Anita Carstens
Just Properties
WeconnectU's Rental Asset Management solutions is one of the best rental programs I have ever worked with; the support team is always very helpful and friendly!
Megan Groenewald
Rawson Properties
Professional service across the board and the help it provides in growing our business with not having to necessarily employ more staff.
Pam Smit
We are proud to be associated with WeconnectU, the best change to our business since 2020, and no staff is under pressure getting billing done and payments allocated! Overall the best rental management system, user friendly and professional!
Attie van den Berg
Jawitz Properties
Ease of use and increased productivity compared to what we were using before and we're not even using all the features at the moment.
Teri King
Village Living
WeconnectU offers a great solution and delivers beyond our expectations. It has provided the opportunity to grow our business. The thinking is about the business of managing properties incorporated into the software design.
Andre Kleynhans
Fine Home Platinum
Excellent support and knowledgeable team.
Neels Potgieter
Awesome software solutions, Hands on people. Excellent training.
Melinda Liebenberg
Keller Williams
Better than the rest and overall a brilliant solution to use.
Chantal Sonnenberg
Brightwater Properties
Training, patience and after sales service of WeconnectU has been amazing. It also had a significant impact of my profitability.
Lauren van Schalkwyk
Kent Homes
I am beyond impressed with how efficient the solution is. In short it has been a life changer for my company and I am so glad that we joined the WeconnectU group :)
Charl Kufner
Compared to competitors, I feel WeconnectU is way ahead. They understand hands-on what this game is about and what is required. They are innovative and consider client needs. They also have the best support personnel in the business.
Konrad Beukes
Mafadi Property Services
I have been in the industry for 17 years and worked at various Managing Agents. Compared to all the other software systems that I have used over the years, WeconnectU is the first solution that is truly designed for management of Schemes.
Pravin Pillay
The solution is very user friendly and integrates all aspect of the business

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